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C(WUMP)O: The Dark Side

By Stephen Briscoe Our previous posts have focused on the proposed changes to Hong Kong’s insolvency regime which are scheduled to come before LegCo in the next few months. This post is going to look at the “darker side”, (no, not Kowloon) to use the Star Wars metaphor; i.e. what is missing from the proposals;…

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Small Practitioners – Stealing a Marketing March

By Stephen Briscoe This article is reprinted with permission from INSOL World magazine This is the first of  two articles written from the perspective of a small firm practitioner working in a close-knit, but highly competitive market. It is a fact of life that smaller firms do not have the financial “clout” to challenge their larger competitors, particularly when it…

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Hong Kong’s Provisional Supervision Plans, in Plain English

By Stephen Briscoe Hong Kong’s proposed new legislation on Provisional Supervision and Insolvent Trading has been in the pipeline for the last 20 years or so but before groaning “Oh no, not again,” this time there seems to be a genuine will on the part of the Administration to press ahead with bringing it back…

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New Companies Ordinance Winding Up and Insolvency Conclusions Published

As most of you are aware, earlier this year the new Companies Ordinance came into force. At that time the parts of the old Companies Ordinance that had not been amended, effectively s.166 onwards, were renamed as The Companies (Winding-up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance – just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?? Following a period…

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Updating the Companies Ordinance

A Missed Opportunity Republished with permission. This article first appeared in INSOL World magazine Q4 2013 By: Stephen Briscoe and Nichole Chan, BWA Hong Kong’s efforts to modernize the city’s corporate insolvency laws have resurfaced almost two decades after the city government first launched a comprehensive review of the legislation in the mid-90s, but then…

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