Management Support

Unfortunately, while management may have the necessary skills to run the business in a normal commercial environment, often they do not have the ability to manage the same business in a time of crisis.

We have a history of helping management to work through its difficulties. Our independence of mind, integrity and commerciality enable us to assist management in making the difficult decisions, which are often necessary to save a distressed business.

In our view, many corporate failures could be avoided if management was able to take the appropriate steps at the right point in time. Unfortunately, all too often these decisions are taken too late, or not at all, with the result that it is too late to save the enterprise.

A part of our services to professional advisors and their clients, we offer a one-day financial review that we will undertake at no charge to the client.

The purpose is to speedily review with management the present financial position of the company and identify issues which may affect its profitability or even its survival. With this information we can then work with management to address these issues at an early stage to avoid the long-term negative consequences of failing to do so.