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Insolvent Trading – The Last Piece of HK’s Corporate Rescue Puzzle

By Stephen Briscoe In the eyes of many people in Hong Kong, the most important part of the new corporate rescue legislation is that relating to Insolvent Trading. Very similar to Wrongful Trading in the UK, the purpose of this legislation is to encourage directors of distressed companies to act sooner rather than later, and…

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Hong Kong’s Provisional Supervision Plans, in Plain English

By Stephen Briscoe Hong Kong’s proposed new legislation on Provisional Supervision and Insolvent Trading has been in the pipeline for the last 20 years or so but before groaning “Oh no, not again,” this time there seems to be a genuine will on the part of the Administration to press ahead with bringing it back…

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Provisional Supervision – The Latest Chapter

Following the latest round of consultations, the administration has issued it’s latest views on Provisional Supervision and Insolvent Trading. It has been tweaked a little from its most recent incarnation back in 2011, but in most respects it’s very similar. We understand from the grapevine that it’s going to be introduced to LegCo in the…

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Provisional Supervision Bill: Signs of Commitment?

More on Provisional Supervision and Insolvent Trading by: Stephen Briscoe The administration has now embarked on another round of consultations on the proposed corporate rescue bill and the sense is that there is a real commitment on the part of the government to push through with its implementation after two previously unsuccessful attempts. There remain…

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