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More Disclosure by Liquidators of Hong Kong Companies Ordinance

More Disclosure for Liquidators; Should Insolvency Practitioners be Licensed? – (The Correct Answer is Yes!) By Stephen Briscoe Who Can Act As A Liquidator This section of the Administration’s proposals focuses on the appointment and control of provisional liquidators and liquidators. There are a number of sensible suggestions about establishing those categories of people who should not…

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Bankruptcy Discharge – Thorny Issues

By Stephen Briscoe Prior to 1998 it was relatively rare for a person who was made bankrupt in Hong Kong ever to get their discharge from bankruptcy. This was because they had to satisfy a number of strict criteria, which for most bankrupts were impossible to achieve. With the introduction of the automatic discharge provision…

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Constitutionality of Bankruptcy Discharge Provisions Challenged (update)

By Rosenna Mak Just a brief update on our article entitled “Constitutionality of Bankruptcy Discharge Provisions Challenged” published last month reporting that section 30A(10)(a) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance had been ruled to be unconstitutional by the Court of Appeal.  Due the significance of that ruling, a stay of the execution of the judgement was granted,…

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HK’s New Companies Ordinance a Mouthful

Hong Kong’s  new Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) comes into force 3 March 2014. The changes apply primarily to those sections of the Ordinance that deal with, for want of a better phrase, live companies. Those sections of the Ordinance that deal with dead and dying companies will remain unchanged until the current round of consultations…

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