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Official Receiver’s Panel Scheme Tender for 2014

The Race To The Bottom Continues Another year another tender. Well, not quite. In this case the tender only comes around every two years, but one thing that doesn’t change is the inexorable downward pressure on fees. For this year’s

Panel T Appointments – The Dilemma

By Stephen Briscoe, Managing Director, BWA In 1996 Hong Kong’s Official Receiver’s Office (“ORO”) introduced what was known at the time and still is for that matter, as Panel A (Administrative Panel of Insolvency Practitioners for Court Winding-Up). Panel A,

New Official Receiver in Hong Kong

A new Official Receiver takes over the Official Receiver’s Office on 29 June 2011 when Ms Teresa Wong Siu-wan steps into the position left by Mr ET O’Connell who is retiring. As noted in the press release, the new Official