BWF Reindeer Games, Day Nine


Nollaig Shona Daoibh!

Merry Christmas from Ireland.

Instead of milk and cookies, some Irish families leave a mince pie and a bottle of Guinness for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas Eve.  But  Irish musician  Colin J Morris  (@ColinJM) says

” We leave a cup with a tea bag in it for Santa and some broccoli and carrots for Rudolph. When I was a kid, we left biscuits and stout. “


Other Irish traditions include delicious spiced beef as done by the mighty nose to tail butchers at James Whelan Butchers. The beef is spiced over a couple of weeks, then cooked and pressed before serving hot or cold.  And yes, they deliver to Hong Kong!

Then there are more  amazing Irish musicians to warm the cockles of the modern heart year round.  It probably doesn’t get prettier than @ Carol Keogh.

And mad Irish painters who hole up in their studios throughout the holidays turning out amazing art, as does @eolai (William Daly) who said when we asked him about his Christmas “Japers, 140 characters. Tight but I’m on it…” Eolai’s Christmas feast:

‘Smoked salmon, trifle, pudding, spiced beef, whiskey, cranberry sauce, turkey, bread sauce, ham pineapples, wine, and I draw… and a million sandwiches, mince pies, flan, lots of potatoes, wine, turkey curry, more wine, turkey soup, stout…”


And beyond Eolai’s laden table another Irish tradition is a candle in the window at Christmas, to welcome anyone out there in the cold. We have our very own Irish candle maker in Hong Kong,  Ian Carol of The Candle Company


So today, we’re gifting a download of Colin J Morris ambiente music, Carol Keogh’s  new album, Mongrel City, with Colin J Morris, an original painting by the amazing  Eoali, spiced meat from James Whelan Butchers  and a lovely Christmas candle from The Candle Company, along with a bottle of wine.  It doesn’t get merrier than this!

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