Fraud, Risk & Compliance

Fraud and misconduct are a constant threat to a company’s operations. Failure to safeguard itself from internal and external threats can see a business go from being the industry leader on the cutting edge one day to liquidation resulting in thousands of employees out of work and reputations ruined, the next.

In order to reduce the risk of this nightmare scenario occurring, our dedicated professionals help to identify and design mitigation strategies and compliance review programs to reduce the client’s exposure to fraud and misconduct.

We have substantial experience working with organisations to manage their exposure to fraud and misconduct, including:

  • conducting fraud risk assessments as part of an organisation’s wider control risk framework;
  • assisting organisations to review their internal control procedures in the context of fraud risk;
  • designing and implementing fraud control plans including fraud prevention measures;
  • advising organisations on using their own technology tools to reduce fraud risk;
  • identifying suspicious or ‘high risk’ transactions, suppliers or employees using data analytics;
  • providing fraud awareness training including investigative techniques and procedures;
  • advising on the set up and management of whistle-blower hotlines and
  • advising on regulatory changes that affect the company’s operations.

Our team works to gain a solid understanding of the company’s normal operations, the effectiveness of their mitigation strategies then assists in designing a comprehensive compliance program that will prevent fraud and misconduct from occurring, detect when fraud and misconduct may have occurred and how to resolve the matter in the best interest of the Company.

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