Forensic Technology


We possess the skills to manage the identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis, review and production of electronic documents to support litigation, corporate and regulatory actions. Our experts deliver effective eDiscovery advice and solutions, including early case assessment, to significantly reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with eDiscovery. We use a variety of industry leading eDiscovery tools to support our engagements. Call our eDiscovery Experts today before crucial evidence is lost for good.

Data Analytics

Our team of data analytics specialists use a wide range of data analysis tools to transform your company’s data into valued information for informed decision making.

The team has extensive experience in the application of data analytics to:

  • Detect and quantify fraud
  • Test systems and controls
  • Identify financial leakage and quantify loss
  • Resolve business process and database issues.
  • Identify anomalies in financial transactions, that could indicate fraudulent activity, financial loss or poor practices and controls.
  • Identify leakage resulting from poor business decisions around resourcing, inventory holding; and
  • Process a compliance analysis; data health check; data reconstruction.

Our team possesses the skills to identify, preserve, analyse and present potential electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner to effectively support litigation, corporate and regulatory investigations involving:

  • Calculating intellectual property (IP) infringement and theft compensation
  • Data analysis involving corporate fraud and proceeds of crime
  • Dispute resolution in contractual disputes
  • Misuse or unauthorised access to computing or Internet resources.

Our experts have the technical qualifications and experience to forensically analyse a variety of electronic devices including personal computers, computer servers, mobile phones, digital media recorders and players from both common and complex technology environments.

Don’t get lost in the digital world; call our forensic technology experts to help guide you through the maze of data.