Forensic Services

Forensic Accountants are part investigator, part auditor, part attorney and part accountant. Forensic Accountants utilize an understanding of business information, financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards, evidence gathering, investigation techniques and litigation procedures to perform their specialized role.

We work with individuals, businesses, legal advisors, regulatory and government bodies. We assist audit committees, boards of directors and management of private and public companies.

BWA’s Forensic Services team are often approached to review situations and present resolution options. We also undertake various recovery actions by way of civil action or criminal prosecution as well as investigations, analysis, interpretations, and summaries of complex financial and business related issues. Our Forensics team also provide expert witness testimony.

We provide specialised services in the following categories:

  • Investigation Services
  • Risk & Compliance Services
  • Dispute & Litigation Support Services
  • Forensic Technology

Contact our Forensic Service Experts to discuss how we can assist you with your matter.