Month: May 2014

Bankruptcy – Adjustment of Priority of Creditors’ Costs

The question recently arose in Hong Kong whether a creditor, who has taken action prior to the start of a bankruptcy and whose actions have resulted in the preservation of assets for the general body of creditors, should be able

Discharge From Bankruptcy or Trustee Forever!!

By Rosenna Mak Following the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Ordinance 1996, which came into effect on 1 April 1998, the concept of a bankrupt being entitled to an automatic discharge was introduced to allow a bankrupt to become financially rehabilitated.  Under the

Provisional Supervision Bill: Signs of Commitment?

More on Provisional Supervision and Insolvent Trading by: Stephen Briscoe The administration has now embarked on another round of consultations on the proposed corporate rescue bill and the sense is that there is a real commitment on the part of